Friday, June 4, 2010

The Suspense is Killing Me!

The suspenders, rather...

Okay, that was a terrible pun. But I quite liked it.

I have been ruminating on the geek-chic of suspenders and it seems Freddie was inordinately fond of them as well, so here's our inspiration for today:

He definitely also had a cute propensity for pairing his cheeky suspenders with graphic tees. As a bonus I have included a tee by Mick Rock (I know, right!?! AAH) with a picture of Mick's cat, since I love Mick, Freddie loved Mick, and Freddie loved cats. Also: You will notice the mustache tee; who can resist a good mustache tee, given the muse?

June 4 2010

Wellen Mustache Madness S/S Tee, $30
Agyness & Emily Deyn Graphic S/S T A, 13 GBP - Breezy Excursion Bel Air Suspenders in Red, $4.95
MAN TQ00437644 Blue Braces, 95 GBP Gold Sequin Suspenders: Clothing, $4.99

Enjoy your weekend, my dears.

PS After this weekend I'm heading off to my summer job for a few weeks, and I shan't have access to internet very often, so the posts here will be sporadic at best. I have got a queue of outfits ready, however, and whenever I get a chance I'll be doing more to keep them coming. xx 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As in, I could seriously use a few, because you guys:

I CANNOT find suitable replicates of those trousers or the jacket for that matter, although there are decidedly more yellow jackets available than marching-band trousers. Nevertheless, Freddie's rocking a pretty sweet look in this still from "The Miracle" video. Here are some ways to pay tribute:

June 1, 2010
Monrow indigo cotton 'Marilyn' crewneck t-shirt, $64
Marilyn Monroe Tee, $27
Marilyn Kiss Tank, $24
Twill 3Q Jacket, $28
Lyle & Scott KL047-V22 Yellow Jacket, 70 GBP
Fisher Yellow Jacket, 200 GBP

I'll stick with these in the meantime, but if anyone knows a source for those pants or a similar jacket do let me know! The jacket is probably the most coveted item in Freddie's wardrobe for many Queen fans. I heard it went to auction about three years ago, but I never heard about it after that. One day when I've made my millions I'll track it down...