Q: What the hell is this, darling?

A: WFW is a blog in which I (a mere mortal) chronicle and attempt to translate the awesome sartorial selections of Freddie Mercury, the late, great lead singer of Queen and arguably the best vocalist who ever lived. All that talent, genius, and showmanship, however, often overshadowed Freddie's great sense of style--he had a double degree from Ealing College in graphic design and fashion, after all! He knows what's up and I think his outrageous sensibilities and sharp, fun fashion can definitely be interpreted by the modern person. While I will mostly be targeting this blog to a female audience (because I am female, as are the majority of fashion bloggers and readers of said blogs) I do intend to include menswear interpretations of Freddie's clothes from time to time, even though a lot of what he wore in the 70s was not, in fact, menswear at all. Androgyny, people! It's excellent! (The 80s saw the drop of his androgynous bent. Ah, well. I'll be doing lots of 80s stuff too.)

Q: I still don't get it. What's the point?

A: What Freddie Wore attempts to present modern, hopefully more affordable ways to adopt Freddie's style, inspired by snapshots of Our Muse in his own wardrobe.

Q: Where do you get all these pictures?

A: I have a rather extensive (2000+, in fact) digital collection of Freddie photographs which I have acquired by being obsessed with Mr. Mercury since I started high school and long since I left it. Most of them can be found in multiple places online, especially through search engines, and I make no claims of ownership over rights to any of the photos appearing on this blog. If you own, or represent someone who owns, any photo you see here, contact me and I will make the appropriate credits or take it down. I'm just a fan, and I don't want to steal anyone's glory. That said, the subject matter is AWESOME (obviously) and I will make every effort to give credit where credit's due, unless I can't find whom to credit.

Q: Can I request posts based on outfits you haven't done?

A: Yes! Via the contact page, send me an email with "What Freddie Wore" in the subject line and a link to the photo you want me to use, or an attachment. MAKE SURE you put the title of the blog in the subject line of your email, especially if you use an attachment, otherwise I'll delete it out of concern for my computer's safety. This poor machine is on its last legs already. If you don't have a picture, describe the outfit; I'm nearly positive I'll know what you're talking about. If not--well! It must be obscure! ;)

Q: Okay, so I've read these questions, and I still have more.

A: My dear! That is not a question. But that's all right; go to the Contact page and send me an email. As with the preceding question, do try and put "What Freddie Wore" in the subject line of your email. :)