Thursday, August 26, 2010

"I dress to kill, but tastefully."

^ That's Freddie describing his personal style. I thought it was an appropriate way to announce WFW's new layout! Bear with me, my dears, because I suck at XML and the CSS for this layout, while very simple, is kicking my ass, so if there are any bugs please don't send me hate mail. Which brings me to my next point! If any of you are budding programmers and wish to write a layout for your favorite blog (cough), send it to me LIKERIGHTNOWthanks. I'd love to feature more of your work than mine, and I'm thinking user-done layouts will be a nice way to make WFW more interactive. What think ye?

Also, don't forget about Freddie for a Day! On Sept. 3 send me a picture of you dressed as Freddie, and a little bio/blurb if you wish, and I'll feature everyone I get! Tell your friends and family so they can sponsor you. :)

Cheers, lovelies!

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