Friday, May 7, 2010


Since it's Friday, darlings, and it's bloody HOT where I live, let's have a little fun, shall we?

Here is our inspiration for today:

Don't PANIC, my dears! I am not suggesting you go on your weekend date in wee hot pants and shiny cropped t-shirts, or without shoes.

I'm suggesting you go to the beach or to an awesome (but hot) summer rock 'n' roll festival in wee hot pants and cropped shirts, without shoes.

May 7 2010

Items in this set:
Metropark / Metropark / White Slub Crop Tee, $32
Grey 'Vamp' shorts, 6 GBP
Pewter sequin shorts, 18 GBP
Miso Bead & Chain Layer Necklace, 13 GBP
Red High Waisted Shorts., 28 GBP

 And look, I did include some normal-ish shorts because even though I yearn for legs like Freddie's I am a chick and I am not in shape anymore. But summer is a time to be carefree! Embrace it! And for god's sake, TGIF!

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