Monday, May 10, 2010

Living On My Own

I have always wanted to throw a party like Freddie's 39th birthday Black&White Drag Ball. But that's mostly because I've seen the music video for 'Living On My Own' (it's embedded at the end of the post! Watch it). To that end, here's our outfit for today:

Living On My Own

Items in this set:
Harlequin Dress, $130
Black bead embellished military jacket, 40 GBP
Confetti Large Open Rose Spray in Fuchsia
Elie Tahari - Kimberly Clutch (Gold) - Bags and Luggage, $200

I have a thing for harlequin and I'm really happy about finding that dress. Find a semi-dressy party to go to, lovelies, and make it your very own personal black & white (& gold, apparently!) ball.

It looks like a great party. I don't know if most of the footage for the music video is actually from the party or if they recreated it later. It does appear that his solo album Mr. Bad Guy would have had the budget for that, but that's besides the point, and a whole lot less fun. You know what IS fun? THIS VIDEO.


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