Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"I'm a devil on the stage."

Here are a few mix-and-match looks inspired by Freddie's early 70s on-stage aesthetic, when he and the other Queen boys were all dressed in dramatic, embellished black:

I'm A Devil On the Stage

For reference:

If I could walk around like this all the time, I totally would.  The fantastical, slick, dark, and dangerous look of Queen in its beginnings is probably my favorite. They were one of the first (and remain one of the only) bands to pull off cohesion without looking like they were wearing uniforms or Halloween gear. Later, when their image was established and everyone knew their music, the aesthetic took a back seat, but they were always one of the best and most uniquely dressed acts. 

Listen to Queen II and get dressed in something like this, and I guarantee you'll feel like you could slay ogres if any charged out of a two-way mirror mountain at you.  

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